Photoshop videogame concept
ZBrush hard surface project
Personal comic project (Coming Soon)

Walking Robot Concept

One of my practices on my Zbrush classes was modeling a hard surface example. I had the design of this robot from a previous project.

The model is not amazing, but I used Keyshot4 to make the render and some Photoshop to improve it (not using passes, just photo adjustment) and I think it looks solid. Not bad for a first try. 

It was a great practice and I´ve learned a lot about how to make hard surface on Zbrush using panel-loops and group-loops. I expect to make something this summer with Z, it´s such a great piece of software!

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Personal project - Concept Art

I love concept art, but usually at ESDIP I can't spend time doing it. So when I had the freedom of a final project, I decided to make this concept art.

First I made the pencils and then scanned it and colored with Photoshop. It took me about 8-10 hours. Yeah, it´s a lot but almost every step was trial and error. This summer I want to immerse into the world of concept, I hope the sun and the pool doesn't distract me too much.

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